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I have been using Shoe MGK for over 10 years now, to help keep my Jordans, & other shoes looking brand new, even though I play ball & work out in them. It really helps to remove dirt, keeps the color looking nice not faded, & the white much brighter. The simple cleaning method is much greater than putting your shoes in the washing machine. I would advise anyone & everyone to use this Shoe MGK. If not you don't know what you are missing.
Sanjay Long Beach, CA
I brought this product in 2010 for my three year old son's shoes. As you can just imagine, he would come home from school (they had the black tire looking mulch) with dirty shoes and we would clean them up and they would look brand new. His teachers would ask why we keep buying new shoes and I would tell them that those were old shoes we just used Shoe MGK. I would recommend this product to any and everybody.
Kimberly St. Petersburg, FL
My business is we buy close out shoes to sell at Trade fairs and market stalls here in London England. We started using the products on our shoes and found our profits going through the roof from close outs and worn shoes to almost new shoes This is the best shoe clean system I've seen in the years selling shoes. It is sensational. We are gonna distribute the product and promote it here in England.
Frank United Kingdom

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