Shoe MGK Cleaner & Conditioner works on all types of shoes. Derived from natural ingredients, Coconut & Jojoba oils, it also includes ultraviolet brighteners. Shoe MGK Cleaner & Conditioner does not contain any bleaches, dyes, alcohol, animal products, or harsh chemicals, so it is good for the environment as well as the shoe.Green,non-hazardous and non-toxic, it does not contain any heavy metals or solvents. It is water based and degrades naturally to its base components. Relaxing the pores of the leather with Coconut extract, the dirt, dust and grime trapped within are released. Then, using Jojoba extract as a moisturizer, it penetrates and conditions, preventing cracking, scuffing, or discoloration. Think of moisturizing your skin; the effect is identical. Tough on stains, Shoe MGK Cleaner & Conditioner will remove dirt, oil, grass, tar, ink and more. However, with its conditioning ability, it will not dry out the leather.

Shoe MGK cleaning and protection products are more efficient than any other product of their kind. Nanotechnology lattice molecular structures are designed to provide the ultimate level of breathable protection. Tiny particles form molecular bonds to establish a tightly knit lattice. The molecular lattice forms multiple layers even with one coat of protection. This lattice keeps foreign matter from penetrating the fabric. It is permeable to oxygen, but larger molecules, such as dirt & liquids, cannot penetrate the lattice. 

Excellent for dirty stitching and surface appearance, Touch-Up Paint covers Scuffs, blemishes and wear and enhances the color of your shoes. Specially designed to make yellowing shoes and soles look new again. Available in white and black, Touch-Up Paint applies a tough, flexible coating on shoes that adds a layer of protection. 

This all in one leather care product leaves a lasting shine without the need for buffing, and dries in 30 seconds. Leather Cream gently moisturizes leather to help prevent drying, cracking and scuffing. With an enclosed sponge, all of your leather goods are cared for with this essential one-step product. 

Sandal Cleaner & Refresher is specially formulated to effectively clean and refresh all footbeds, using the finest in safe detergents and incorporating a skin-safe deodorizing system. Sandal Cleaner & Refresher is an excellent way to keep your sandals and other footwear looking and feeling their freshest.

Shoe Freshener, used regularly, eliminates shoe odor caused by bacteria. Use on all types of footwear lining to keep footwear odor and bacteria free.