Become a Shoe MGK Brand Partner

Be Your Own Boss in an Exciting Industry

The Product That Sells Itself

Shoe MGK works on every shoe including sneakers, leather dress shoes, flip flops and suede. Our products have a wide demographic appeal – everyone wears shoes! We are not a franchise so you have absolutely no franchise fees. We offer competitive pricing that allows for a profit margin of more than 500%. Shoe MGK’s ordering process is easy and our customer service team will help you with any questions or concerns you may have. We offer you the ability to become a Brand Partner with Shoe MGK through low start-up costs and excellent profit margins. Our products are of superb quality and offer an outstanding demonstration with high closing ratios. With over 15 years in the mall cart industry, we have proven strong year-round sales with millions of bottles sold. As a Brand Partner, you will receive product training materials and sales scripts as well as personal support from our experienced team.

What Does it Take to be a Brand Partner?

As a Brand Partner, your primary responsibilities include creating an agreement with your local mall for a location and developing a relationship with your Specialty Leasing Manager. As the owner of your location, you will handle managing the store and hiring and training your employees. You will need to manage inventory and place product orders with Shoe MGK. Other responsibilities include maintaining a professional and clean store appearance, compliance with all Shoe MGK policies and procedures and ensuring the store opens and closes on time. Owners must maintain the product and displays in compliance with their mall’s visual merchandising guidelines and are responsible for all state and federal taxes. We expect you to provide outstanding customer service and train your staff on these standards. Your business is a partnership with our brand and we will provide tools to market and advertise your business for growth.

Getting Started

From the moment you submit your application to your grand opening day, we will work closely with you to help you grow your business and achieve your goals as a Shoe MGK Brand Partner. Our initial process moves quickly with informative phone calls and application submission so we can get you up and operational as quickly as you want to move.

A Shoe MGK mall kiosk

The Opportunity

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur with cart experience or simply looking to become your own boss, Shoe MGK has the right program to fit your lifestyle. We offer business owners the exclusive right to sell Shoe MGK products as a cart vendor at mall locations and other exciting venues. Since Shoe MGK is an incredible demonstration product, you will be able to show customers first hand the amazing results, thus increasing your sales. Shoe MGK is looking for motivated owner/operators interested in creating a truly successful business.

We provide entrepreneurs the opportunity to own their locations and grow their business with a product built on quality and repeat customer loyalty. Our experienced and professionally trained team is at your disposal to help in all aspects of your business.


This sector of the retail industry, including mall carts and kiosks, is an $8 billion dollar industry in annual sales. There are approximately 25,000 retailers currently operating in the United States in over 2,500 retail centers. Shoe MGK locations provide year round sales and through brand recognition, create repeat customer loyalty. By offering shoe cleaning to your customers, your locations provide an essential service and create a unique shopping experience!


The following is an estimate of the initial investment necessary to open a Shoe MGK mall cart location. Please note that exact accounting of the initial investment is not possible as some costs vary by market and/or region (i.e. rent, fees, licenses, taxes, etc.)

  • Cart Beginning Inventory : $3,000
  • Cart Display & Demonstration Set-up : $500 – $1,500
  • Computer Software / POS System : $200 – $1,000
  • Location Rent / Security Deposit : $2,000 – $8,000
  • Licenses and Permits : $200
  • Insurance : $200


Total Estimated Startup Costs: $6,000 – $15,000


We want to put you on the path to success from the very beginning so we have designed our program to provide you with proven steps for owning and operating a profitable Shoe MGK location. You will receive detailed training and support that will guide you through every step along the way. From instructions on how to merchandise your cart to a list of preferred vendors for all of your operational needs, our trained staff is here to answer your questions and offer direction in all areas of your growing business.