Cleaning Converse Shoes is Easier Than Ever!

When I was in middle school, I loved wearing my low top Chuck Taylor All Stars every single day. My mother was furious. She would always ask me why I continue to wear the same beat up and dirty pair of shoes when she is willing to buy me something new. I never had a better answer than; “Because I love them.” That’s all it was, Love. To this very day I find myself wearing those classic converse just as much as before. I know every inch of that shoe and couldn’t go a week without wearing them at least once. Nowadays, I respect my shoes a lot more and keep them clean. Cleaning converse shoes is easier than ever before thanks to Shoe MGK. 

Converse are primarily made of canvas. There are some styles like the One Stars that feature suede paneling and uppers, but for the most part, I am going to focus on cleaning converse shoes made of canvas. You know, the ones that Jerry West and Doctor J would wear on the court. Canvas is one of the more durable materials to have for a shoe, so we should be able to bring those beat up Chucks back to life.

Today we are going to be using the Shoe MGK Clean and Protect kit. The kit features the Cleaner and Conditioner as well as the Water and Stain Repellent.

Here is the step by step guide for how to clean Converse shoes:

  1. Prep the shoe by removing the laces and setting them in a small solution of Cleaner and water. Let them soak while we clean the shoe.
  2. Wet the bristle brush and drizzle the product over the brush. Apply the solution to the shoe in small circular motions making sure to completely cover the shoe. 
  3. Once properly covered, wipe clean with a dry towel. Repeat these steps until the shoe is sparkling clean!
  4. Spray an even coat of Water and Stain repellent on the shoe and let dry for 24 hours.

We highly suggest that your shoes should be sprayed with the Water and Stain Repellent before first use. It utilizes Nano Technology to form a waterproof barrier on your shoe preventing the dirt to get there in the first place!

It is that easy! Shoe MGK is here to help you clean up your dirty kicks, but also to prevent them from getting dirty in the first place. The Clean and Protect Kit can be purchased in the full size with 8oz bottles or the smaller version with 4oz bottles in case you want to try it out first. Respect Your Shoes.   

What You’ll Need

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