Shoe MGK Cleaner & Conditioner is derived from two natural ingredients, Coconut & Jojoba Oils. Coconut Oil contains natural enzymes which help break down the dirt and stains. Jojoba Oil is a natural conditioner that softens the leather.

Our entire line is designed to be quick and easy! Most products require only a minute or two, leaving your shoes ready for immediate wear. Some products, like our Shoe Freshener, are as easy to use as spraying in your shoes before bed at night.

Yes. Our products contain no bleaches or dyes in the cleaning formula. However, some delicate materials may still run or bleed, so please test for color fastness.

Each 8oz. bottle of Cleaner & Conditioner cleans 40-50 pairs of shoes! If used once a week, one bottle should last about a year.

Shoe MGK Shoe Freshener keeps your shoes odor free and fresh with an easy spray into your shoe after each wear. It dries fast and when used regularly, eliminates shoe odor caused by bacteria.

Most water repellents are silicone based or non-environmentally friendly. Our Water & Stain Repellent is a green formula made with the latest nano-technology available.

Sneakers, Athletic & Fitness Footwear:
1. Wet brush.
2. Apply small amount to brush and scrub thoroughly.
3. Wipe dry with clean, dry towel.

Suede & Nubuck Footwear:
1.Apply small amount to clean, dry bristle brush.
2. Scrub entire area thoroughly and evenly.
3. Let dry overnight.
4. Brush up nap with a clean, dry bristle brush. Do not use water.

For spot cleaning use SHOE MGK NUBUCK & SUEDE KIT.

Smooth Leather Footwear:
1.Apply to a dampened soft cloth, sponge or soft bristle brush.
2.Apply into areas smoothly and evenly.
3.Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe away excess moisture and dirt.

Fabric Footwear:
1.Apply to a wet brush.
2.Scrub thoroughly and evenly.
3.Rinse material.
4.Let dry naturally out of direct sunlight.


1. Footwear must have a dry, clean surface that is free from dust, dirt and grease.
2. Hold bottle 8" from surface spraying in a back & forth motion.
3. Do not saturate.
4. Be sure to spray area thoroughly and evenly, including all seams.
5. Let dry for 24 hours.
6. Test for color fastness.
7. For best results, use SHOE MGK CLEANER & CONDITIONER to safely clean the surface before applying.

2. Let dry.
3. Shake bottle with cap on.
4. Invert bottle and press applicator on shoe.
5. Apply to all needed areas.
6. Let dry.
7. Buff to shine if desired.
8. Rinse applicator with water after use.
9. Replace cap.


1. Shake jar before use.
2. Open jar and remove sponge.
3. Remove inside cover and dip the applicator sponge into the jar.
4. Scrape off all excess product on the inside lip of the jar so that the sponge simply looks damp. (You cannot use too little!)
5. Wipe on desired surface.
6. If more product is required, repeat the last step.
7. When finished applying SHOE MGK LEATHER CREAM, replace the inside cover, put the lid on the jar and seal it tightly.
8. Wash out sponge with lukewarm water only (no soap) and let it sit on top of the closed jar until completely dry (Do not put wet sponge back in the jar).


Flip Flops and Synthetic Footbeds:
1. Spray the entire footbed and wipe away moisture and dirt with a cloth.
2. Wait until completely dry before wearing.
3. Suede and Nubuck Footbeds:
4. Spray the entire footbed.
5. Wipe away excess moisture and dirt.
6. Allow to dry completely.
7. Back brush with a nylon bristle brush to raise the nap or texture.
8. For very dirty footbeds, spray the entire footbed and then scrub with a nylon bristle brush until desired results.
9. Allow to dry completely before wearing.
10.For stubborn stains use SHOE MGK CLEANER & CONDITIONER.


1. Spray once into each shoe after wearing.
2. Repeat the process after each wearing to control and prevent odors.
3. Each bottle contains up to 100 uses.

1. To remove spots or stains, rub the SHOE MGK SUEDE BLOCK back and forth in several directions. Rub harder in the areas where a spot is visible.
2. For deep, stubborn stains, wet the edge of the bar with a small amount of water and rub the stained area.
3. Allow to dry.
4. If water spots appear, rub with the dry end of the block to remove.
5. Clean surface of bar before the next use by rubbing on a clean, rough surface.
6. After cleaning with the SHOE MGK SUEDE BLOCK, raise the nap by brushing the suede or nubuck with the SHOE MGK SUEDE BRUSH.
The SHOE MGK SUEDE BRUSH can also be used daily to keep the nap "fluffed-up" for optimum appearance. Also, the SHOE MGK SUEDE BRUSH can be used to brush away surface dirt. The gentle nylon bristles will not scratch the material. For stubborn stains use SHOE MGK CLEANER & CONDITIONER.