How to Clean a Canvas Couch

At the time, I told myself that each spill gave the couch character and showed the canvas couch was well loved.

The first time I bought a couch, I could only afford a cheap canvas one for my empty apartment. I had my first couch during my college days, which meant it took a lot of damage from when my friends came over for movie nights; we’d drink, snack, and occasionally spill all over the couch. At the time, I told myself that each spill gave the couch character and showed the canvas couch was well loved. However, as I eventually transitioned from college to adult life, I learned the importance of a clean couch! 

I couldn’t bear (or afford) to part with my canvas couch, and I worked to ensure I turned the stains from character development back to its original glory. So, you’re probably wondering, how do you clean so many stains off a canvas couch? Well, let me tell you about my secret weapon. It’s actually a shoe cleaner. Shoe MGK is a shoe care company that has been cleaning shoes and other miscellaneous items for almost thirty years.

Here is the Step-by-Step guide for Cleaning a Canvas Couch

I grew up using Shoe MGK to respect my shoes, but I never once thought to use it on anything else. It’s called Shoe MGK, so it made sense to me that it would only work on, well… shoes. Then I met my partner–my couch was an embarrassment, and I did the unthinkable. I poured some of the Shoe MGK Cleaner and Conditioner on my precious, well-loved couch, and I scrubbed. Lo and behold, the first stain was gone! The shoe cleaner made couch cleaner soaked into the fabric of the canvas, attacking dirt and debris. Breaking them up on the molecular level, which left my couch looking as if it were never stained. 

  1. Wet the area of the stain on the canvas couch with a little of the Shoe MGK Cleaner & Conditioner
  2. Wet the brush in a bowl of water
  3. Scrub the stain until the surface area is foamy; dry with a clean towel.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 until the stain is gone.

After I cleaned my canvas couch with the Shoe MGK Cleaner and Conditioner, I felt much better when my partner came over. The couch was clean, so no one had to sit on last week’s sodas or the grease of fries from the beginning of the school year. It’s so easy. Anyone could have a clean couch to enjoy time with friends and family. Now you can respect more than just your shoes!

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