How to Clean Clarks Atticus LTLace

I often wear shoes like the Clarks Atticus LTLace Dress shoes when I take my wife out dancing or to a fancy dinner.

I am fortunate enough to work in an office where it doesn’t matter how I dress. So, I don’t need a fancy suit or classy dress shoes. I can show up in jeans and a t-shirt with some sneakers and be fine. So why would I own a pair of dress shoes? Well, I often wear shoes like the Clarks Atticus LTLace Dress shoes when I take my wife out dancing or to a fancy dinner.

The leather of the shoes has a lovely elegant shine that helps my outfit feel more classy when we go out. They are also comfortable for long hours on my feet while dancing. So I can enjoy the whole night without worrying if my feet will hurt the next day.

With such a comfortable, classy shoe, you would want them to look their best with the world’s best shoe cleaner. Shoe MGK has cleaned leather dress shoes since 1992 and really knows how to treat the leather and make the Clarks shine.

So let’s get into how to clean Clarks Atticus LTLace with the Shoe MGK Leather Care Kit.

How to Clean Clarks Atticus LTLace with Shoe MGK Cleaner and Conditioner

My wife and I’s favorite date is going out to dinner and dancing the night away at our local club. We will get a few drinks, talk and ask questions that allow us to know each other on a deeper level, and end the night vibing to the music. It’s really a great time. However, my shoes will lose their shine by the night’s end. I’ll get stepped on, drinks get spilled from others at the club, and the floor is often reasonably sticky. That is why utilizing the Shoe MGK Cleaner and Conditioner is crucial. The shoe cleaner soaks into the leather, attacking and breaking down dirt and debris on the molecular level. This process gives your shoes a deep clean that has them looking fresh and feeling smooth.

  1. Prep the Clarks dress shoes by wiping off excess dirt and debris from the shoes with a dry microfiber towel.
  2. Wet the bristle brush and drizzle the product over the brush. Apply the solution to the shoe in small circular motions, covering the shoe. 
  3. Once covered, wipe clean with a dry towel. Repeat these steps until the shoe is clean!

How to Treat the Leather of Clarks Atticus LTLace with Shoe MGK Leather Cream

When dancing at the club, I love to watch the lights reflect off the shine of my shoes. There is something special about knowing your kicks are a part of the clubbing experience. They vibe with the music just as much as my wife and I. Unfortunately, as the night goes on, the shine disappears and needs to be restored. When it comes to protecting, restoring, and shining the leather, the Shoe MGK Leather cream has no competition. The cream is an all-in-one leather care product that leaves a lasting shine with no buffing. In addition, the Leather Cream moisturizes the uppers to prevent drying, cracking, and scuffing. Meaning you extend the life of your boat shoes.

  1. Apply the leather cream with a clean towel or sponge.
  2. Massage the cream into the leather. The solution dries fast and will beautifully hydrate your leather!
  3. Finally, remove the laces from the solution and wring out cleaner and dirt. Let dry before re-lacing your shoes.

Dress shoes aren’t just for the office. They are also perfect for date night with that special someone in your life. With the Shoe MGK Leather Care Kit, you have all the tools to ensure your shoes last. Remember to respect your shoes!

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