How to Clean Toms Men’s Alpargata Canvas

Void of fancy decals and over-the-top branding, the Toms focus on comfort as their defining feature.

A minimalist aesthetic is about one thing. That thing is comfort—clothes with a loose fit that flow with the world around you. And the Toms Men’s Alpargata Canvas Slip-Ons exude a minimalist spirit. Void of fancy decals and over-the-top branding, the Toms focus on comfort as their defining feature. 

With such a minimalist slip-on, it’s crucial to keep them clean with the world’s best shoe cleaner. You need to trust them with a shoe care company that has been cleaning canvas shoes since 1992. Shoe MGK is the perfect solution to clean and protect your Toms.

So without a moment to lose, let’s get into how to clean Toms Men’s Alpargata Canvas Sneakers.

How to Clean Toms Men’s Alpargata Canvas Slip-Ons with Shoe MGK Cleaner and Conditioner

With a minimalist slip-on, you know you’re comfortable walking around town. However, the shoes showcase dirt and blemishes with nothing to hide them. The simple design has an inherent need to be kept clean. It ruins the whole aesthetic when dirtied. That is why it is crucial to utilize the Shoe MGK Cleaner and Conditioner. The shoe cleaner soaks into the canvas uppers, attacking and breaking down dirt and debris on the molecular level. This process ensures the shoes get a deep, revitalizing clean that has them looking fresh.

  1. Prep the Canvas Slip-Ons by brushing off any excess dirt with the dry brush.
  2. Dip the brush into a clean bowl of water and solution.
  3. Lather the shoe with the nylon brush until the solution becomes foamy. Wipe away the excess solution with a clean towel. Repeat until the shoe is clean.

How to Protect the Toms Men’s Alpargata  Canvas Slip-Ons with Shoe MGK Water and Stain Repellent

Often, shoes get dirty the more you wear them. However, when your slip-ons are well maintained, keeping up your minimalist aesthetic while you wear the shoes is effortless. The best way to keep your Toms fresh is to ensure they never get dirty, to begin with. By spraying the shoes with the Shoe MGK Water and Stain Repellent, you put a protective layer over the canvas that repels all water, dirt, and stains from ever attaching to the shoes. This means that these blemishes bead up and roll off the slips keeping them clean while you wear them.

  1. Make sure the Canvas Slip-Ons are dry before applying Water and Stain Repellent. 
  2. Next, cover the entire shoe with spray. 
  3. Add more layers for extra protection.
  4. Let dry for 24 hours.

Uphold your minimalist aesthetic and wear shoes that keep you comfortable. With the Shoe MGK Clean and Protect Kit, you have everything you need to stay comfy and keep your sneakers fresh. Always remember to respect your shoes!

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