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By December 6, 2019How To

It’s real essential to keep the shoes clean top to bottom of the shoes. Most Nikes have different materials like suede, cloth, rubber which Shoe MGK is safe for all these materials. in this video you will learn how to clean Nikes easily.

The cleaner is an organic shoe cleaner, Shoe MGK Cleaner & Conditioner is an all-natural product derived from Coconut and Jojoba oils, plus Ultra-violet Brighteners. Non-toxic and Biodegradable, our Cleaner & Conditioner does not contain any bleaches, dyes, alcohol, animal products or harsh chemicals so it protects the environment as well. Shoe MGK cleans any style of shoe leather, suede, cloth, canvas, vinyl, mesh, and more.

Heres how to clean Nikes.

  1. Take this brush and dip it a little bit of water and use about four drips of cleaner. Start a nice little lather onto the shoe just to get the cleaner to activate with the water. if you need to get your brush a little bit soapier just add a couple more drips and keep scrubbing the dirt away. Give the shoe a nice little scrub and all the dirt, stains, grease, oil and more.
  2. Now after you’re done you’re gonna take the microfiber towel the microfiber towel and wipe off. Make sure you don’t leave any lint on top of your shoe and wipe them down.
  3. Then what you want to use is this waterproof spray, it puts a protective sealant over your shoe a breathable layer of protection give a nice and spritz super quick super easy.

Just like that, you are done and that is how to clean nikes with Shoe MGK

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