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Tricks To Clean Those Suedes

By January 9, 2019How To

Suede shoes are considered one of the most challenging types of footwear to clean, especially those with a lighter color tone as grease and grime on them is very noticeable. But, there are few simple ways to keep your suedes neat and tidy. Why dissuade yourself to buy anything else because of the misconceptions attached to the poor material which can’t be further from the truth? Get yourself a pair of trendy suedes that perhaps will complement all your clothes for the season. Keep on reading to learn some easy tricks to take care of the suedes that you have in your shoe rack.

Buy a Proper Brush

The most important things when it comes to cleaning your suedes are the cleaning tools. Get yourself the best brushes and clean your suede shoes like they are your means of ultimate success! Clean, classy, and stylish shoes take care of your style and your feet, provided that you also know how to take care of them in return. So every time you take your shoes out, clean them properly with your Shoe MGK shoe brush. Also, every time you take them off, brush them clean before placing them back in the shoe rack.

A proper suede brush is all that you need for your trendy footwear. It would be a good investment for your other boots or sneakers as well. Thoughts like “How will I protect my shoes?” or “How can I increase their lifespan?” would no longer be a concern.

Now here’s the critical trick when brushing: it’s the direction that you brush your suede shoes will dictate how long they will live to compliment your attire. Carefully watch the direction of your shoes’ fibers and brush clean it in the same direction. Going against the direction of the suede’s fiber will leave marks on it. Remember that even liquid or any moisture also leaves stains on the shoe, and sometimes they become permanent, so refrain from putting any liquid material while cleaning your suedes. Following our guidance and preventative measures will ensure that you will have nothing to worry about.


Place a Support Inside the Shoe

Before you delve into brushing and cleaning your suede shoes make sure you have prepared well for it. Since the suede shoes are soft and tend to lose their shape, the shoe will need support inside to maintain its form while you vigorously clean the outer surface. You can crumble paper and place it inside the shoe to make the shoe stiff. Apart from paper, you can even stuff your socks inside the shoe before you began brushing them, so it’s toughened up. Not only will it help in maintaining its shape, but it will also make it easier to remove the stubborn spots.

Final Cleaning Tips

After you have cleaned the dirt off the shoes, you can next wipe it gently with a microfiber towel that will take away any remaining sediments from its surface. But remember, moisture and liquid are harmful to suede, so don’t use a damp cloth. Instead, use a dry and clean microfiber towel. Again, remember to move the towel in the same direction of the suede’s grain. Refrain from rubbing it rigorously in a back and forth motion like you would do on a leather shoe.

Sometimes, brushing the shoes and even wiping them doesn’t clean all the stains and marks. In case of any stubborn marks, grab a suede eraser that would further remove any oil, grease, or even water stains. It works like a regular eraser; the tougher the stain, the harder the rub would be required to remove it completely.

P.S. Even a regular Pencil Eraser would also be able to serve the purpose.

Happy cleaning!