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The BEST Way to Clean Sneakers

By October 29, 2020Shoe MGK

The best way to clean sneakers is actually a lot easier than you think. When it comes to sneaker care, there are usually two ways people do so; Never wear them or only wear them once. Come on! You bought the kicks why not show them off!? The truth is, the people thinking this way are actually right. The best way to clean sneakers is obviously to not get them dirty in the first place. But, I can offer you a way to do this AND wear your kicks on a daily basis. Impossible right? Not with the amazing Water and Stain Repellant from Shoe MGK.

Shoe MGK has many amazing kits for every sneakerhead or family, but the best kit for true sneaker lovers is The MVP Kit. I wrote an article explaining why this is the best sneaker cleaning kit if you want the full detailed breakdown, but the main reason is…

…this Kit has the ultimate in sneaker PROTECTION with the water and stain repellent. Simply spray all over the shoe and let it dry for 24 hours. This will create an amazing weatherproof barrier keeping the elements away from your shoes.

Now, if you are saying “great that’s amazing for new shoes, but what about my sneakers that are already dirty?”. Amazing question! The MVP also has TWO 8oz bottles of our powerful cleaner and conditioner as well as a bottle of touch up white. In order to properly clean your sneakers…

  1. Brush any excess dirt off the shoe before wetting the brush in clean water and applying a few drops of cleaner and conditioner to the brush. 
  2. Scrub into the entire surface area of the shoe until the solution becomes very soapy. DO this all over including the sole.
  3. Wipe excess solution away with a clean towel and repeat until sneakers are fresh out the box clean.

The touch up white is perfect for bringing back the ice to your midsoles as well as brightening up dingy or grey stitching. It enriches the natural white dyes within the shoe to brighten them and bring your beautiful sparkling whites back to life. If you want to see it all in action, check out this video.

The best way to clean sneakers has and always will be MGK. We have the ultimate form of protection in the water and stain repellent and all you could need for cleaning and restoration. The MVP is a one stop shop for all your sneaker cleaning needs. With the value, this kit will last you 100 pairs of sneakers no problem. Get yours today online or at a cart near you! RESPECT. YOUR. SHOES.