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How to Clean Jordan’s

By June 24, 2019How To, Shoe MGK
clean Jordans

Something that’s important, but is hardly ever done right, is taking care of your shoes. Specifically, cleaning your new Jordans once they get dirty is a must for those who want to look their best. But what if it’s your first time cleaning such a high-quality shoe? What follows is a useful guide on How to clean Jordan’s and keep them cool.

This article is designed to act as a walkthrough for exactly what you need to do when it comes to keeping your Jordans clean. Your friends at SHOE MGK have put together these specific steps to help guide you through the process of cleaning your favorite shoes.

Materials to Understand when you Clean Jordans:
When it comes to thinking about how to clean your Jordans, the first thing to you need to do is identify the materials used. Generally, Jordans break down into the following main materials:


Now that you know what Jordans are made of, you can begin the cleaning process.

Recommend Supplies List:
When it comes to cleaning your shoes, you don’t need a huge amount of supplies. Here’s how to get started:

-A Flat Surface
-A Bowl for Water
-Cleaning Solution
-Shoe Brush
-Microfiber towel

Before Applying Shoe MGK:
Prior to putting any product on the actual shoes, start by thoroughly wiping off any excess dirt with the shoe brush. Getting all the surface level dirt and grime off lets you see the deeper embedded dirt that will require Shoe MGK and your elbow grease to remove.

Ready for Shoe MGK:
Next, apply your ShoeMGK cleaner and conditioner onto your brush and begin scrubbing the outside surface of the shoe in small circles. In some instances, dipping your brush in water prior to scrubbing is necessary, but most cases will not require any water at all. Once the entire surface area has been scrubbed, gently wipe your Jordans down with your microfiber towehttps://www.shoemgk.com/shop/shoe-cleaner/shoe-mgk-clean-protect-kitl. Depending on how dirty the shoes are, you may need to repeat the process up to two times.

Smooth Leather: Apply onto areas smoothly and evenly, scrubbing gently yet firm enough to hit hard to reach areas. Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe away excess moisture and dirt.

Polyurethane: Sometimes the midsole of Jordans can break down after time and degrade into a yellowish mess. While eventually, all sneakers degrade, the key to avoiding that as long as possible is to properly maintain and clean the soles of your shoe with biodegradable Shoe MGK. Be sure to wipe all moisture of this sensitive area before you’re done!

Having completed this walkthrough and repeated as necessary, after you dry your shoes, you’re done! Congratulations, you’ve brought your Jordans back to their peak potential. We at Shoe MGK are here to minimize the stress of cleaning your shoes by providing high-quality cleaning solutions and durable cleaning tools. Shop for SHOE MGK on our online shop, Amazon, or stop by at a mall kiosk near you!