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How to Clean Women’s Shoes

By April 3, 2019Shoe MGK
clean women's shoes

Leather shoes for women are stylish, trendy, durable, and very comfortable to wear the only downside is they are not that easy to clean. It’s not that difficult to keep your leather and sheepskin shoes clean and perfect when you have the right conditioners and cleaners. So how do you clean women’s shoes?

With the right cleaning products, your old shoes with scuff marks and stains will look like brand new boots just out the box. Taking care of your favorite pair of heels gets easier thanks to the several cleaning products available on the market.

Cleaning Your Leather Boots and Heels

To make your leather and sheepskin boots and heels look flawless you need to get the best cleaning products like the Shoe MGK’s Leather Cleaning Kit and Sheepskin Cleaning Kit. Inside these kits, you will find a number of different products that will transform your old shoes look like brand new. Here’s a short and quick guide to cleaning your favorite pair of shoes and heels without a fuss.

  1. If you want to clean your leather boots, such as flats or boots with heels then all you need is a wet brush. Brush off the surface with the wet brush to get rid of excess debris and dirt.
  2. Apply a dab of Shoe MGK’s Cleaner and Conditioner, scrub gently to spread the cleaner on every part of the shoes. Scrub gently but be thorough and make sure you cover every inch of the shoes.
  3. Wipe dry the shoe surface with a clean and dry towel, you will notice that your shoes are sparkling clean and the blemishes and stains are nowhere to be seen.
  4. The best way to keep your suede shoes clean is to apply the cleaner and conditioner and leave it overnight, use a brush to clean and scrub the surface for a shiny look.
  5. Avoid using water.
  6. Use Shoe MGK’s Clean and Fresh kit to keep your shoes smelling fresh for days.


Our SHOE MGK products that will help you clean and maintain your shoes and heels. At SHOE MGK, we have a wide range of shoe care products to keep your shoes shiny and stain free for a long time.
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