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We found the BEST Suede Shoe Cleaner!

By August 26, 2020Shoe MGK

Suede is one of the harder materials to clean especially when you wear it on your feet. From Tim’s to Jordans and everything in between, suede is a staple material for all great kicks. Since the material is so delicate, we often turn to an expensive “specialty” cleaner that all claim to be the best suede shoe cleaner. The truth that they don’t want you to know is that you don’t need any of that!

The best suede shoe cleaner available is protection. By utilizing Water and Stain Repellent from Shoe MGK, you will form a weatherproof barrier to any suede shoe. This will protect the shoe from getting dirty in the first place!

Shoe MGK also has a brand new Block and Brush Kit that will keep all of your suede products clean. The SHOE MGK Block & Brush Kit is essential for keeping suede and nubuck footwear clean and looking their best everyday.  The SHOE MGK Block & Brush Kit erases spots and soil from suede and nubuck shoes and brushes away dust and surface dirt while raising the nap.

Our Cleaner and Conditioner will also do wonders to clean especially dirty suede. Simply dampen the brush, add a few drops, and gently lather the cleaner into the suede. Be gentle and let it dry. Respect Your Shoes.

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