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Why is it hard to Clean Suede

By April 24, 2019Shoe MGK
suede shoes

When we talk about suede, we have to differentiate between suede the leather and suede, the fabric that imitates the texture and surface of suede leather. Shoes and hats made from authentic suede have a classy look that makes these shoes look like a million dollars! The only downside is that it’s hard to keep the suede leather and fabric shoes clean. However, we have the ultimate guide to suede that will help you keep your suede shoes clean.

How to Care for Your Suede Shoes

The first tip for keeping your suede leather shoes and hats free from water-based stains, it to air-dry them as soon as possible. Suede is a delicate material even water can stain and damage the surface of your gorgeous suede shoes. If your shoes are wet, air-dry them at room temperature. Use extra absorbent paper towels to help soak away the excess moisture. Keep your shoes away from direct heat to avoid staining.

Cleaning your Suede Shoes and Hats

To clean your suede shoes and hats, use Shoe MGK Leather Cream and Shoe MGK’s Sheepskin cleaning kit that’s perfect for delicate suede leather and suede fabric shoes. Clean your shoes with a block brush to remove dirt and debris from the surface or your shoes. If you wish to clean a suede hat then use the brush or soft cleaning cloth to clean the surface.

Apply cream in small blotches across the shoe surface and spread evenly. Use the soft cloth to scrub and clean your shoes. Use the same process for cleaning suede hat. We recommend that you clean your shoes at least once a month if you don’t wear them occasionally. Now that your suede shoes are sparkling clean and smelling fresh, Once use the Shoe MGK’s  Sheepskin water and stain repellant to keep the shoes and hats stain free.


Our SHOE MGK products that will help you clean and maintain your shoes. At SHOE MGK, we have a wide range of shoe care products to keep your shoes shiny and stain free for a long time. Visit our official Store to find the best shoe cleaning products.

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