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How to Properly Clean Yeezys

By March 26, 2019How To, Shoe MGK
How to clean yeezys

Now that you have your favorite pair of Yeezys, get ready to turn heads and get appreciative looks as you walk by. Yeezys are the most attractive pair of classy sneakers that any sneakerhead would love! However, some people are afraid to wear their Yeezys since they don’t want to spoil the delicate material. But what’s the use of owning a pair of perfect shoes when you can’t wear them? If you’re worried about cleaning your favorite sneakers then this guide is for you, read on to find out how to flawlessly clean your Yeezys.

How to Make Your Yeezys Good as New

Cleaning your Yeezys is not that difficult when you have the right tools to get the job done.  Follow these steps to learn how to make your Yeezys good as new in no time.

  1. Start with removing laces and insoles from the shoes.
  2. Use a soft brush to scrub off dirt from the surface of your shoes.
  3. You will need a Shoe MGK’s Clean and Protect kit. Use a wet brush and apply some cleaner and conditioner the brush, make sure the cleaner and conditioner are applied evenly to every part of the shoes.
  4. The conditioner and cleaner will help clear away blemishes, grime, dirt, stains and any other stubborn stains and signs of damage.
  5. Wipe the shoes dry with a clean and dry towel for best results. You can wash and clean the insoles separately by soaking them in cleaner and conditioner liquid by Shoe MGK. Once cleaned and dry, spray it up with Shoe MGk’s shoe freshener to keep them smelling fresh and new. The cleaner must have removed most of the first and damage and now you have a pair that’s almost as good as a new pair.

clean and protect yeezysthe mvp yeezysclean and fresh yeezys
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