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How to Clean Your Running Shoes

By April 16, 2019Shoe MGK
clean your running shoes

Smelly running shoes are the worst nightmare for anyone who owns a pair of quality running shoes. Since they are meant to be worn for running and exercising the sweat and dirt can make them look and smell nasty in a few days. If you are stuck with smelly and dirty running shoes, we have a solution for you! Read on to find out how to clean your running shoes in no time.

How to Clean your Running Shoes and Get Rid of the Dirt and Smell?

Cleaning your favorite pair of sneakers from time to time is necessary. Use top quality and affordable Shoe MGK’s Clean & Fresh Kit to help you clean your running shoes. One way to clean your shoes is to throw them onto a washing machine, sometimes this works but other times you will end up with damaged shoes. To clean your running shoes, clean them with a brush or a soft clean cloth to remove dirt.

Use Shoe MGK’s MVP cleaning kit that includes a cleaner, conditioner, water, and stain repellent, shoe brush, and a touch paint for white shoes. To clean your shoes using our specially formulated kit, use the cleaner and conditioner to clear away grease, grass, mud, grime, blood and other stains from your shoes.

Use the brush to distribute the cleaner over the shoe surface to remove all the stains.

Once your shoes are stain free and shiny, use the Shoe MGK touch up to restore their original shine and color. The Touchup protects your running shoes from wear and tear by covering them in a protective coating.

To get rid of the smell, use Shoe MGK’s Shoe Freshener to get rid of that nasty smell from your shoes. The freshener removes odor-producing bacteria from all type of shoes particularly running shoes.

Our SHOE MGK products that will help you clean and maintain your shoes. At SHOE MGK, we have a wide range of shoe care products to keep your shoes shiny and stain free for a long time. Visit our official Store to find the best shoe cleaning products.

  • $59.95

    A must-have for every household, the MVP Kit by SHOE MGK is an all-inclusive kit that has everything you need to clean, restore and protect your footwear.


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  • $44.95

    A must-have for anyone who wears white shoes! An excellent cleaning and restoration product for sneakerheads, nurses, athletes, cheerleaders, food service workers, and any individual who owns white shoes.

    SHOE MGK All-Star Kit

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  • $59.95

    The SHOE MGK Leather Care Kit contains everything that you need to keep your leather shoes looking brand new. Our Leather Cream is a self-shining wax for the care of genuine and man-made leather shoes.

    SHOE MGK Leather Care Kit

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