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How to Protect Your Hat with Hat MGK

By March 19, 2019How To, Shoe MGK

Your favorite hat is a part of life and it is dragged through the metaphorical mud of life collecting debris, stains, watermarks, and dirt. If you’re looking for an easy solution to clean up your favorite old hat then this post is for you. When cleaning a hat, the first thing you need to consider is the hat material. Your hat will have info about the material and cleaning instructions marked on it. Choosing the right product to clean your hat is essential because a substandard product can damage the delicate material of the hat. So we bring you Hat MGK!
Hat MGK Product

Cleaning Your Hat is Simple and Easy

Cleaning your hat is not rocket science and any hat can be sparkly clean in no time with the right technique and tools. Sweat and mud stains are the most common problems for any hat and if you are an outdoor adventurer mud, debris, and grass stains are only some of the stains that your hat might catch. Sometimes your hat might catch a stench from being locked up in the attic for years.

How to Clean Wool and Felt Hats

Cleaning your wool and felt hats is a basic step in keeping your hat in the perfect shape and condition. Get a soft bristle brush to get rid of dirt and dried mud. Use Shoe MGK’s cleaner and deodorizer to the stains and dirty soiled areas of the hat. Scrub it off lightly and then leave your hat to air dry. Keep the heat away from direct sunlight and direct heat. For best results, use Shoe MGK’s Cleaning Cloth to scrub away stubborn stains gently.


How to Clean Cotton and Leather Hats

Leather hats are the trickiest one to clean but Shoe MGK’s hat maintenance kit will make this monumental task easy. To clean the leather hat, brush it off with a soft brush and cleaning cloth. Get a suede bar to clean the most stubborn stains from your favorite hat. You can use Shoe MGK Hat Cleaning cloth, or sponge to clean the hat effectively. Then use the cleaner and deodorizer to clean your hat and keep it fresh for a long time.
To clean a cotton hat, use the Shoe MGK Hat MGK Cleaner & Deodorizer hold the bottle 3 inches away from the hat and spray generously particularly over stain ridden areas. Clean it with a soft cloth and let it air dry.

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