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How To Restore Leather Sneakers

By November 12, 2020Shoe MGK

Leather sneakers are a classic fashion choice and a sensible wardrobe decision. The one thing that I love about my leather Jack Purcells is how easy they are to clean. When using Shoe MGK Shoe Cleaner and Conditioner, the dirt and grime easily washes away. However, over time leather will begin to harden and lose its original moisture. It is incredibly important to tend to your leather sneakers and keep them hydrated.

Once you begin to see your once shiny and hydrated leather become dry and cracked, it is time for a full blown restoration. When discussing how to restore leather sneakers, it is important to use a hydrating leather cream.

This stuff can get super expensive and over priced. You find yourself buffing your shoes forever and then waiting for them to dry for the whole day! Fortunately Shoe MGK Hydrating Leather Cream is inexpensive, easy to use, and quick to dry!

Simply dab the applicator sponge or a clean towel into the solution and begin applying it to the shoes. Rub the leather cream into the entire surface of the shoe and watch as your worn out leather instantly absorbs the hydrating cream. We recommend doing this once a month so your leather sneakers always shine!

Finally, there is no more need to question how to restore leather sneakers with Shoe MGK at hand. The amazing Hydrating Leather Cream can be found in The Leather Kit with a bottle of Cleaner and Conditioner or on its own on our website. RESPECT. YOUR. SHOES.