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How to Shine Your Shoes

By May 2, 2019How To, Shoe MGK
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Give your old worn out shoes a new makeover by using top quality MGK products designed for different types of shoe materials. Today shoes come in a variety of materials and color combinations so cleaning your shoes can be a daunting task when you don’t know the right cleaning agents to choose from.

If you are confused and unsure about how to clean your shoes with the right cleaning product, don’t fret because we are here with a list of different MGK products that will make your shoes as good as new.

How to Clean your Leather Shoes?

Leather shoes are one of the most expensive shoes that you could own, and they are one of the most difficult materials to clean. Luckily, we have the right solutions for you! To clean your leather shoes start by wiping the surface with a soft brush to clear away the dirt. Use Shoe MGK’s Leather Cream to clean the stains and dirt. Use a soft cloth or a brush, apply some Shoe MGK Leather Cream, and polish your favorite leather shoes. The moisturizer will prevent your shoes from cracking, drying and scuffing. Clean your shoes at least once a month if you don’t plan to wear them often.

How to Clean Suede and Sheepskin Shoes?

Make your favorite pair of suede and sheepskin shoes clean with regular care by using Shoe MGK’s sheepskin shoe cleaner kit. To clean your shoes, use a block brush to get rid of dirk and other small debris particles from the shoe surface. Apply a small blotch of cleaner and gently clean the surface to remove stains and other parts of the soiled shoe. Once the shoes are shiny and new, use the Sheepskin water and stain repellant to keep the shoes stain free.

Our SHOE MGK products that will help you clean and maintain your shoes. At SHOE MGK, we have a wide range of shoe care products to keep your shoes shiny and stain free for a long time. Visit our Official Store to find the best shoe cleaning products.

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