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Jordan Shoe Cleaner: An Absolute Must!

By October 16, 2020Shoe MGK

Jordan! Michael Jordan was set up to just be another basketball player. The third pick in the draft decided to go against what everyone thought and become the best player to ever exist (until the kid from Akron came around but we can save that for another time). Michael Jordan was not only the best player with the rock, but he was best over the socks! Ok that was bad, but you get what I am saying. Jordans! Jordans are still the biggest shoe in the sneaker game and will always be prevalent in American culture. They are as much a fashion staple of our society as blue jeans are. They are intrinsically American. All you need is a solid Jordan Shoe Cleaner to keep them fresh all year round!

A Good Jordan shoe cleaner or a Jordan shoe cleaner kit comes down to a few things.

  1. You want a versatile cleaner that will work on all sorts of materials. You want it to be tough on stains, but soft on dyes and sensitive materials.
  2. You NEED water and stain repellent. There is no reason to clean them if they don’t get dirty in the first place. Your shoes will thank me.
  3. Touch up white paint. Yellowing soles and greying threads really bring down the value and aesthetic of any shoe, but especially Jordans. Touch up will bring them back to that brand new ice. 

With all this in mind, the obvious choice is the MVP Kit from Shoe MGK. It features two bottles of the incredible Cleaner and Conditioner, Water and Stain Repellent, and a bottle of Touch up White. This is the best Jordan Shoe cleaner kit out there and will keep all other shoes you have perfectly in check.

If you are going to drop $200+ on a pair of sneakers, why would you not invest in keeping them clean? Most people keep them clean by not even wearing them .Uh uh no way. We are done with that! Wear your jordans, keep them clean with pride, and RESPECT YOUR SHOES!