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The New Nike Adapt BB

By February 15, 2019Releases, Shoe MGK
nike bb shoe

The Future of Footwear

The Nike Adapt BB is the newest generation of self-lacing HyperAdapt shoes, which electronically adjust the pressure and fit specifically to the contour of your foot. For many NBA players, it is difficult to find a balance between comfort and a secure fit during a game. The E.A.R.L (Electrical Adaptable Reaction Lacing) technology is designed to enhance lockdown on the basketball court and provide players the ability to achieve that stability without a coach’s assistance.


Jason Taytum debuted the Nike Adapt BB in a win against the Raptors last week and perhaps he gained an advantage with this technological revolutionary sneaker?

Tinker Hartfield, Nike VP of creative concepts, was invited to help with the design when Marty Mcfly first sported the futuristic idea of a self-lacing shoe, the Nike Air Mags, in the movie Back to the Future (1989). Tinker, the most recognized sneaker designer ever, didn’t believe the original Air Mags were too far off from reality and understands people want fresh new kicks all the time. A significant amount of effort and engineering went into the lacing cable and engine. You are walking on top of a lithium-ion battery, lights, buttons, accelerometer, gyroscope, Bluetooth module, pressure sensor, temperature sensor, capacitive touch sensor, and a wireless charging coil.



Nike Adapt BB $350 Retail Price

I’m sure you are wondering, “How am I supposed to comfortably hoop on top of all that equipment and are these sneakers waterproof?” Well, Nike’s checked off your concern by using a denser Cushlon foam for the midsole and focused on impact distribution so you can’t feel the motor under your feet. Rigorous testing from casual ballers to NBA players was conducted to make sure the shoe doesn’t fail in damp, high-impact conditions and yet the Adapt BB is half the cost of its predecessor, the HyperAdapt 1.0.


Step Into the Light

The power lacing system can only be adjusted by manual touch or through a companion app that pairs over Bluetooth. The companion app has the ability to save several game modes if you want to switch it up from a tight lockdown fit or loosen the shoe up for a casual shootaround. If your feet become swollen during a game or workout the shoes will automatically adjust to reduce damage and discomfort. The rechargeable batteries will last about 14 days and are smart enough to save enough life to loosen the shoe before they die; unfortunately, once the battery dies the shoes are no longer usable and arguably the only downside to this sneaker. Nike is struggling to fit all the technology into smaller sized shoes thus, Men sizes will run between 7 and 15 and the smallest available size in women is 8.5.

If you are a lover of innovative technology and can’t resist purchasing the next, latest, greatest product regardless of practicality, I would say cop a pair of the Nike Adapt BB’s as these are among the rarest and most unique shoes available. The future has arrived for our footwear and it will be interesting to watch what Nike competitors bring to the table.













Images: Nike