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White Shoe Cleaner

By June 25, 2020Shoe MGK
Leather Shoe Cleaner

WHITE SHOES are a timeless and fashionable look that will never fade away, however, they do get quite dirty. It’s always a nerve wracking decision to buy all WHITE SHOES because of the fear of scuffing them or bumping into just about anything. I have come to learn that it’s par for the course when purchasing a beautiful pair of all white shoes. THEY WILL GET DIRTY. Luckily we have the BEST WHITE SHOE CLEANER from SHOE MGK here to help keep them looking fresh out of the box.

There is no longer a reason to fear scuffing up your white shoes and subjecting them to the dangers of the dirty world. In fact, SHOE MGK has provided you with security that no matter how dirty you get, we will always keep you clean. The SHOE MGK All-Star Kit includes our famous Cleaner and Conditioner as well as the incredibly popular SHOE MGK TOUCH UP. The Cleaner and Conditioner proves to be the best in all purpose shoe care.

SHOE MGK Cleaner & Conditioner is specifically formulated to effectively clean and prolong the life of all types of footwear. It removes grass stains, oil, grease, grime, blood, red clay, certain inks and paints, stains, and more. SHOE MGK Cleaner & Conditioner is derived from all natural ingredients.

The item that truly sets this kit apart as a must have WHITE SHOE CLEANER is the  TOUCH UP WHITE. SHOE MGK Touch-Up is touch up acrylic paint for your shoes that restores the brilliant white color to your yellowing soles and threads as well as old scuffs. It applies a tough coating to help shoes endure heavy wear and tear. The formula includes a special blend of agents that enrich and brighten to make your shoes and soles look like new.


For nearly 30 years, SHOE MGK has provided the BEST WHITE SHOE CLEANER that money can buy. Join the trend and try it yourself today. Respect Your Shoes.

  • $59.95

    A must-have for every household, the MVP Kit by SHOE MGK is an all-inclusive kit that has everything you need to clean, restore and protect your footwear.


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  • $29.95

    Everything you need to get started! The SHOE MGK Starter Kit by SHOE MGK includes one bottle of Cleaner & Conditioner and a shoe care brush. This is a great place to start for any individual who is new to shoe cleaning!

    SHOE MGK Starter Kit

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  • $17.95

    This kit is convenient for any traveler on the go! It contains everything that you may need to clean your shoes, no matter where you are and comes in a resealable bag.

    SHOE MGK Traveler Kit

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