SHOE MGK Touch-Up – Black


Apply SHOE MGK Touch-Up to your shoes to restore the original, brilliant black color to scuffs, yellowing soles, and threads.


Product Description

SHOE MGK Touch-Up is touch up paint for your shoes that restores the brilliant black color to scuffs, yellowing soles and threads. It applies a tough coating to help shoes endure heavy wear and tear. The formula includes a special blend of agents that enrich and brighten to make your shoes and soles look like new.

Kit Contains:

(1) 3 oz. Black Touch Up


Clean shoes with SHOE MGK Cleaner & Conditioner. Let dry. Shake bottle with cap on. Remove cap. Invert bottle and press applicator on shoes. Apply to all needed areas on the shoe. Let dry. Buff to shine if desired. Rinse applicator with water after each use. Replace cap.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 lbs