How to Clean Custom Converse

With imagination at your fingertips, you have your very own personalized classic chuck shoes.

Everyone loves to show off who they are, and the custom Converse shoes give everyone the chance to showcase their personality. These shoes allow people to customize their own pair of Converse by providing fun shapes, colors, and designs. With imagination at your fingertips, you have your very own personalized classic chuck shoes. 

With such creativity, You want to protect your creation!

How to Protect Your Custom Converse with Shoe MGK Water and Stain Repellent

Before the shoes ever have a chance to get dirty, you want to prevent dirt from attaching to the Converse in the first place. The canvas of the custom Converse sneakers attracts dirt and could be challenging to clean. But, with the Shoe MGK Water & Stain Repellent, you could spray a protective barrier over the canvas that repels dirt and particles to the surface. Then, you only must wipe it away to prolong the life of your custom shoes.

  1. Make sure the custom Converse are dry before applying Water and Stain Repellent. 
  2. Cover the entire shoe with spray. Add multiple layers for extra protection.
  3. Let dry for 24 hours.

With protection, you can show off your custom shoes more often without the worry of ruining them.

How to Clean your Custom Converse After They Get Dirty with Shoe MGK Cleaner and Conditioner

If the protective layer breaks and your shoes get dirty, you needn’t fret. The Shoe MGK Cleaner & Conditioner has your back. 

The shoe cleaner’s formula soaks deep into the canvas of your custom Converse and brings all dirt onto the canvas exterior of the sneakers. The process is easy and makes the custom sneakers look brand new!

That means even if your custom Converse do get dirty, you can get them back to their former glory quickly. 

So, if the shoes get dirty after using Water and Stain Repellent. It’s only a few simple steps to get them clean again.

  1. Prep the custom converse by brushing off any excess dirt with the dry brush.
  2. Remove the laces and place them in a small solution of cleaner and water. Let soak and wring out the dirt after a few minutes.
  3. Dip the brush into a clean bowl of water and add a few drops of cleaner directly to the brush.
  4. Lather the shoe with the nylon brush until the solution becomes foamy. Wipe away the excess solution with a clean towel. Repeat until the shoe is clean.
  5. For added protection follow steps with the Water and Stain Repellent.

Cleaning your custom Converse and showing off your personality has never been easier. With the Shoe MGK Clean & Protect kit, you have everything necessary to take care of your sneakers. So get out there, show yourself off,  and respect your shoes.

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