How to Clean Harley-Davidson Men’s Shift

Something as simple as a boot could be the difference between life and death.

I just bought my first bike the other weekend. It was an exciting and daunting experience. There was much more to motorcycle riding than I anticipated, from the many types of bikes to the protective gear you’ll need when riding. However, something as simple as a boot could be the difference between life and death. The Harley-Davidson Men’s Shift is a boot that offers much-needed protection while screaming attitude.

With such an aggressive riding boot, you would want them to look their best with the world’s best shoe cleaner. Shoe MGK has cleaned motorcycle boots since 1992 and really knows how to treat the leather and make the Harley-Davidsons shine.

So let’s get into how to clean Harley-Davidson Men’s Shift with the Shoe MGK Leather Care Kit.

How to Clean Harley-Davidson Men’s Shift with Shoe MGK Cleaner and Conditioner

My first ride after buying my motorcycle was a 123-mile trek back home. I quickly learned the mechanics of my motorcycle, how to get a good shift, and how to progressively break as I encountered traffic. I noticed my boots were getting dirty from dirt getting kicked up while I rode. That is why utilizing the Shoe MGK Cleaner and Conditioner is crucial. The shoe cleaner soaks into the leather, attacking and breaking down dirt and debris on the molecular level. This process gives your shoes a deep clean that has them looking fresh and feeling smooth.

  1. Prep the Shift Boots by wiping off excess dirt and debris from the shoes with a dry microfiber towel.
  2. Wet the bristle brush and drizzle the product over the brush. Apply the solution to the shoe in small circular motions, covering the shoe. 
  3. Once covered, wipe clean with a dry towel. Repeat these steps until the shoe is clean!

How to Treat the Leather of Harley-Davidson Men’s Shift with Shoe MGK Leather Cream

After parking my bike, I glance back just to see it one last time before leaving it for the day. Part of owning a motorcycle is biker fashion–dressing to match your bike. I want my gear to look just as good of the bike, if not better. Even my boots. When it comes to protecting, restoring, and shining the leather, the Shoe MGK Leather cream has no competition. The cream is an all-in-one leather care product that leaves a lasting shine with no buffing. In addition, the Leather Cream moisturizes the uppers to prevent drying, cracking, and scuffing. Meaning you extend the life of your boat shoes.

  1. Apply the leather cream with a clean towel or sponge.
  2. Massage the cream into the leather. The solution dries fast and will beautifully hydrate your leather!
  3. Finally, remove the laces from the solution and wring out cleaner and dirt. Let dry before re-lacing your shoes.

My new bike shines bright against the sun, and thanks to the Shoe MGK Leather Care Kit, so too do my boots. Remember to respect your shoes!

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