How To Clean Kids Shoes

The solution to keeping kids shoes clean is much easier than most people think.

Kids and their shoes will get into just about anything. Muddy puddles, staining mulch, and vast amounts of asphalt will make their way onto the shoes in the form of hard to clean stains sooner rather than later. One could yell and scream and try helplessly to get their child to listen. You could also just send them into the world without shoes at all! It’s just a kid! The solution to keeping kids shoes clean is much easier than most people think. All you have to do is clean them!

I know, I know. You have cleaned them many times yet they always come back to the house with new stains you never thought were possible. There is a way to not only clean stains, but to prevent them from happening in the first place. I want to show you how to clean kids shoes using Shoe MGK.

All you need to do is pick up the 8oz or 4oz Clean and Protect kit on Amazon or The kit includes a soft bristle brush, Shoe MGK Cleaner and Conditioner, and our incredible Water and Stain repellent.

Here is the step by step guide for how to clean kids shoes

  1. Remove the shoe laces and place them into a solution of warm water with a few drops of Cleaner and Conditioner. Let them soak and gently rub the solution into the laces. This is a great job for your child to do!
  2. Apply a small amount of Shoe MGK Cleaner and Conditioner to the wet brush and gently lather the solution into the shoe. Start with small areas and brushing in small circles.
  3. Once you see the solution begin to bubble and become soapy, wipe the shoe clean with a dry towel.

I continue this process until all of the surface stains and dirt have been removed, which does not take long. The harder to clean stains will come off with the Water and Stain Repellent.

  1. Spray a generous amount of Water and Stain on a fresh towel and rub it into all the leftover stains. This is a powerful solution so a little goes a long way.
  2. Finally, spray the entire shoe with the Water and Stain Repellent and let it dry for 24 hours.

Water and Stain Repellent uses specially formulated technologies to protect all footwear. It provides a breathable layer of protection against rain, snow, dirt and stains by keeping these elements on the surface where they can easily be wiped away.

Kids are NEVER going to stop being kids. There is really no changing what they do, so might as well get out in font and protect them from the world surrounding. Protect their shoes with Shoe MGK. Respect Your Shoes.

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