How to Clean Shoes for Crews Liberty

With the Shoes for Crews Liberty work shoes, you’ll have a sneaker that is both sleek and comfortable.

Working retail requires time on your feet. So whether you’re ringing items at the cashier or stocking inventory throughout the warehouse, you’ll need comfortable shoes. And everyone likes to look good while working, which requires a certain elegance in your footwear. With the Shoes for Crews Liberty work shoes, you’ll have a sneaker that is both sleek and comfortable.

With such a classy shoe, it is crucial to keep them cleaned and shined with the world’s best shoe cleaner. When it comes to shoe care, Shoe MGK has been leading the game with nearly three decades of experience cleaning stylish dress shoes.

So, let’s get into the steps of how to clean the Shoes for Crews Senator with the Shoe MGK Leather Care Kit.

How to Clean the Shoes for Crews Liberty with the Shoe MGK Cleaner and Conditioner

However demanding, working retail is a social experience. Making friends with your coworkers, complaining about management, and meeting for after-work gatherings are what make it worth showing up. With stylish shoes, it’s easier to feel comfortable and make friends. However, dirty shoes could ruin your workplace reputation. That is why it is crucial to utilize the Shoe MGK Cleaner and Conditioner. The shoe cleaner soaks deep into the leather’s fiber, where it attacks and breaks down dirt and debris. This process allows the shoes to get a deep clean that also conditions the leather to have a smooth feel when touched.

  1. Prep the Liberty by removing laces and placing them in a small bowl of Shoe MGK Cleaner & Conditioner. Let sit.
  2. Wipe off excess dirt and debris from the shoes with a dry microfiber towel.
  3. Wet the bristle brush and drizzle the product over the brush. Apply the solution to the shoe in small circular motions, covering the shoe. 
  4. Once covered, wipe clean with a dry towel. Repeat these steps until the shoe is clean.

How to Treat the Leather of the Shoes for Crews Liberty with the Shoe MGK Leather Cream

Making your work shoes shine is partly what helps you shine amongst management and your coworkers. People want what you have, and once your sneakers lose either luster, so too does your reputation. The Shoe MGK Leather Cream is an all-in-one leather care product that leaves a lasting shine with no buffing. In addition, the Leather Cream moisturizes leather to prevent drying, cracking, and scuffing. Finally, by taking care of the calfskin leather, you restore the uppers to their fresh-out-of-the-box condition, which means you extend the life of your Shoes for Crews. 

  1. Apply the leather cream with a clean towel or sponge.
  2.  Massage the cream into the leather. The solution dries fast and will beautifully hydrate your leather!
  3. Finally, remove the laces from the solution and wring out cleaner and dirt. Let dry before re-lacing your shoes.

Work in style with the Shoes for Crews Liberty. With the Shoe MGK Leather Care kit, you have everything you need to keep your work shoes shining through the shift. Always remember to respect your shoes!

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