How To Clean White Sneakers

I remember my first pair of all white shoes. My Mom took me to the mall with my younger brother and older sister for “back to school” shopping. I saw them sticking out like a shiny pearl among all of the colorful and robust sneakers. They were bright, clean, and most importantly; beautiful. However, Mom knows best, and Mom knew they were NOT going to stay clean.

Just outside of the Store was a young man selling Shoe MGK. The product blew us away and my mom bought The MVP kit to keep my shoes clean. Since 1992, Shoe MGK has been providing the best shoe cleaner to hardworking Moms like my own and sneakerheads like myself. To this day, my favorite shoes are my White Adidas Continentals with the red and blue side stripe. I always keep them clean with the Shoe MGK All Star Kit. Today I will show you how to clean white sneakers like a pro!

Here is the step by step guide for How to Clean White Sneakers.

Before I begin cleaning, I typically remove the laces so I can reach all of the small nooks and crannies of the shoe. Soak them in a bowl with Shoe MGK Cleaner and Conditioner and they will come out sparkling clean.

  • 1. Start by setting aside a small bucket of water and getting your bristle brush nice and wet.
  • 2. Apply a small amount of Shoe MGK Cleaner and Conditioner to the wet brush and gently lather the solution into the shoe. Start with small areas and brushing in small circles.
  • 3. Once you see the solution begin to bubble and become soapy, wipe the shoe clean with a dry towel.

The All Star Kit also features the incredibly popular and powerful Touch Up White. Shoe MGK Touch-Up is touch up paint for your shoes that restores the brilliant white color. It applies a tough coating to help shoes endure heavy wear and tear. The formula includes a special blend of agents that enrich and brighten to make your shoes and soles look like new.

  • 1. Use the Touch up applicator on tough stains, scuffs, and yellowing soles. Be careful when applying; make sure to only use it on white materials. Wipe clean.
  • 2. Take the Shoe MGK Water and Stain repellent and spray thoroughly and evenly on the entire area of the shoe. This product will even lift stubborn stains, scuffs, and oils. Let dry completely.

Cleaning white sneakers is not always easy. Sometimes I fall in love with the scuffs or the way that one puddle has left my shoes with dull yellow soles, and then I snap out of it. Keep your white sneakers freaky fresh with Shoe MGK: the world’s greatest white sneaker cleaner. RESPECT. YOUR. SHOES.

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