Shoe Care Kit

Shoes are often one of the dirtiest things in our house when you consider how much we walk around in them.

A shoe care kit is something that all homes should have underneath the sink or in the laundry room. We have cleaners for almost everything in the house from the hardwood floors, delicate clothing, and even the dogs, but not our shoes? Shoes are often one of the dirtiest things in our house when you consider how much we walk around in them. The bottoms are often black from the ground and the insides smell like, well…feet. A proper shoe care kit is a necessary item for any home that cares to stay clean. 

The 4oz Complete Kit from Shoe MGK features three distinct products for cleaning shoes as well as a brush to reach deeply into all sorts of fabrics. The kit features Shoe MGK Cleaner and Conditioner, Water and Stain Repellent, and Shoe freshener.

The Cleaner and Conditioner is the best all in one shoe cleaner on the market. Shoe MGK Cleaner & Conditioner is specifically formulated to effectively clean and prolong the life of all types of footwear. It removes grass stains, oil, grease, grime, blood, red clay, certain inks and paints, stains, and more.

Shoe MGK Water & Stain Repellent uses specially formulated technologies to protect all footwear. It provides a breathable layer of protection against rain, snow, dirt and stains by keeping these elements on the surface where they can easily be wiped away.

The Shoe Freshener is a lovely burst of scent that also eliminates bacteria within the lining of the shoe. Rather than just spraying a nice smelling scent on a dirty shoe, the Shoe Freshener from Shoe MGK actually cleans the shoe and eliminates the odor at the source. 

The 4oz Complete shoe care kit is the best there is on the market. It features products that clean, protect, and freshen your shoes. The bristle brush included is ergonomical and specifically designed to lean all sorts of products. This kit will work on all the shoes in your house or sneakers in your collection. Respect Your Shoes with Shoe MGK.

What You’ll Need

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