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Sneaker Cleaning Kit

By October 5, 2020Shoe MGK

Every sneakerhead knows that in order to say fresh one must have the best sneaker cleaning kit available. What does that even mean though? What exactly are you looking for in a sneaker cleaning kit? For me it comes down to these four things. 

  1. You want a CLEANER AND CONDITIONER that will clean all of the materials on your sneakers. Sneakers are about as diverse as the people walking around in them. They are composed of many materials, so you want a versatile and powerful cleaner.
  2. White Touch up is a MUST for any sneakerhead. It helps to bring yellowing midsoles and dingy stitching back to its original white color. White sneakers are always going to be a big thing, so one must have some touch up ready at their disposal.
  3. PROTECT PROTECT PROTECT. A water and stain repellent is vital to keeping your shoes clean. It forms a waterproof barrier on the shoe locking out stains, dirt, and dust from dirtying the shoe in the first place. ALWAYS use a water repellant before first wear.
  4. A good solid brush that will stay firm after first use.

When breaking down the best sneaker cleaning kit, it is clear that the only option is the MVP Kit from Shoe MGK. It features two bottles of Cleaner, Water and Stain Repellent, and Touch Up White. Oh, and a good solid brush. It will work immediate and long lasting wonders on EVERY sneaker in your closet. Respect Your Shoes.