How To Clean Canvas Sneakers

There is no natural oil or repellent in canvas, so it is up to you to keep them clean.

From Vans to Converse, or Jordans to Yeezy’s, every great shoe gets a little boost from our friend canvas. Canvas is one of the most durable shoe materials and most readily available to take on the streets. The material itself is one that can get quite dirty. There is no natural oil or repellent in canvas, so it is up to you to keep them clean. Along with some help from the Shoe MGK Clean and Protect Kit, I will teach you how to clean Canvas Sneakers.

For every shoe out there regardless of material, I always start with the Shoe MGK Cleaner and Conditioner, which is specially formulated to effectively clean and prolong the life of all types of footwear. This product removes grass stains, oil, grease, grime, blood, red clay, inks, paints, stains and more.

Here is the step by step guide for how to clean canvas sneakers:

  1.  Prep the shoe by removing the laces and setting them in a small solution of Cleaner and water. Let them soak while we clean the shoe.
  2.  Wet the bristle brush and drizzle the product over the brush. Apply the solution to the shoe in small circular motions making sure to completely cover the shoe. 
  3.  Once properly covered, wipe clean with a dry towel. Repeat these steps until the shoe is sparkling clean!

In my opinion, the best part of this kit is that it includes the Water and Stain Repellent. The Water and Stain utilizes nano technology to form a layer of ultimate protection on your favorite canvas sneakers. 

  1. If there are any stains remaining on the shoe, spray a small amount on a clean towel and rub into the stain. This will surely get rid of that pesky mark tainting your favorite kicks!
  2. Finally, spray an even and generous coat of the solution on the shoe and let it dry for 24 hours. Congratulations! Your shoe is now weather, water, and stain proof

The Clean and Protect kit comes with the normal 8oz bottles of product, but we offer a 4oz version as well which includes the brush, and 4oz bottles of the Cleaner and Conditioner as well as the Water and Stain Repellent. The Shoe MGK Clean and Protect will keep your canvas sneakers cleaner than ever. Respect Your Shoes.

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