How to Clean Thanksgiving Stains: A Shoe MGK Story

It’s the time to bring family together, share gratitude, and have an amazing feast.

Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year, and it’s also the season of stains. It’s the time to bring family together, share gratitude, and have an amazing feast. The smell of turkey fills the air, mixed with mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and stuffing. The pumpkin pie right out of the oven is mouth-watering and the thought of all that food in my belly makes the wait for dinner time unbearable. 

It’s a joyous moment filled with smiles and happy memories of times long past.

Then, before I know it, family and friends begin to arrive one by one, party by party. The young ones begin to run through the house, excited for the holiday season. Their feet track dirt all over the white carpet as they play hide and seek. It’s only the first of the holiday messes, it’s not until dinner time, when we toast a glass of wine with the adults, that the spills and stains attack my home.

Whether it’s the kids sneaking turkey under the table to the family pup, or Aunt Josie spilling her wine during her fiftieth retelling of how she met Uncle Sam.

The carpet gets stained, the tablecloth is full of spots, and it’s getting close to clean-up time. Everything looks overwhelming with the piles of dishes and messes throughout the house. As friends and family begin to leave, I take a deep breath over the piles of stains and spills. The faintest hint of a smile crosses my face because I have just the right tool. A tool where nothing is an impossible challenge. I reach for the bottle of Shoe MGK under the sink.

How to Clean the stains of Thanksgiving with Shoe MGK Cleaner and Conditioner

With the bottle of Shoe MGK Big Shoe in one hand and the Shoe MGK nylon brush in the other, I ask myself “how to clean all these holiday stains?” A valid question after a Thanksgiving dinner… The carpet and tablecloth are stained, the dishes are piled high, and it all needs to be done before bed. I take the shoe cleaner and drizzle it over the carpet, targeting the spots where wine was spilled, and footprints dragged. The brush is dipped in a bowl of water and I scrub in a rotating motion, watching as the soap suds build. With a towel, I dab the stain dry, and behold it’s gone!

“Amazing,” I think to myself as I target the next mess. In what feels like no time, my house is looking clean, with the clues of guests are long gone. I smile at my partner for a job well done. 

Despite the spills and stains, I had an amazing night, filled with love and the people closest to me. So many happy memories to cherish unto Christmas and beyond. It’s no wonder Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year.

With Thanksgiving over and the dog in his bed, I put the Shoe MGK Big Shoe back in the drawer by my head. My partner is happy and our bellies are fed. It’s time to lay down and smile that I can respect more than just my shoes.

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